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Choosing an Auto Accident Lawyer in Chicago

If you have suffered a serious personal injury in an auto accident, you need the help of an experienced auto accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to get your life back to normal. But choosing the right auto accident attorney can be difficult. Here are some tips for finding the right attorney for you.

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Chances are you are not the first person you know who suffered serious injury in an auto accident. Talk to friends and family that have gone through the experience about the attorney they worked with and whether they would or would not recommend him or her.

Make sure to talk with your friend or family member about the circumstances of their case to see whether it is similar to yours. It’s also worthwhile to ask about their process of choosing an attorney to know how carefully their choice was made.

Get Recommendations from Professionals

If you know other lawyers such as your family lawyer or environmental lawyer, talk to them about which auto accident attorney they might recommend, and why. Sometimes referrals are professional courtesies or because of longstanding friendships. You want to make sure that this referral actually speaks to the experience, training, and professional status of the attorney in question.

You might also talk to nurses, doctors, and physical therapists who treated you. They work with many accident victims and may be able to recommend someone who helped their clients.

Do Some Internet Research

Before talking with any attorney in person, you should visit their websites to see how they represent themselves. Check to make sure that the attorneys you are considering prioritize auto accidents. Some attorneys will handle auto accidents, but don’t especially care for the type of case, and may not give them the full care they deserve. You want an attorney who considers your case worthwhile and is eager to get you the compensation you deserve.

Make sure any potential lawyer has a list of successful verdicts and settlements. Past success is no guarantee of success in your case, but you want to make sure your lawyer is capable of success. Also consider whether a lawyer offers any help after a settlement or verdict to help you maximize the value of that victory.

Schedule Consultations

After visiting the websites of potential auto accident attorneys, you should have narrowed your list down to a few you are considering. Most auto accident attorneys offer free consultations so you should not hesitate to schedule several consultations, but your time is valuable, too, so you don’t want to let the list be too large.

During your personal consultation, you want to try to find out how you feel about a lawyer. Most of all you want to trust them, but you also want to know that the lawyer shares your goals and values in the lawsuit. You want to make sure you will be comfortable with the amount of control you have over your lawsuit. You want to know who will be working on your case, and how free you will be to contact them.

At Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd. in Chicago, we believe that we provide unparalleled help for auto accident victims. We invite you to contact us for a free case evaluation.

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