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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer for Underride Override Truck Accidents

On the road, some of the most devastating truck accidents are overrides and underrides. Because there is a 15-inch height difference between the undercarriage of a car and that of a large truck, it is easy for a passenger vehicle to pass under a truck. An override occurs when a large truck runs over a smaller automobile or motorcycle. An underride accident occurs when a passenger vehicle slides underneath a truck.

In both types of accidents, the injuries sustained by occupants of the smaller vehicles are severe, often fatal. A truck’s massive size usually leaves few survivors in the aftermath of a collision, and the survivors are often left with permanent, life-changing injuries.

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Override Accidents

In an override accident, the front end of an 18-wheeler runs over anything in its path. There is a range of causes that result in an override accident, the most common including:

  • Brake failure
  • Truck driver fatigue and unrealistic driving schedules
  • Tire blowout
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Reckless or erratic driving behavior (such as failure to yield, speeding and improper lane change)
  • Trucker tailgating

Underride Accidents

Underride truck accidents take place when a passenger vehicle collides into a truck and then continues traveling underneath the truck. When this happens, the roof of the passenger vehicle is ripped off or crushed, and victims in the passenger vehicle can suffer severe head trauma, spinal cord injuries or even decapitation.

Statistics reveal that about 40 percent of all underride accidents that end in fatality involve a passenger vehicle sliding under the rear corner of the semi-truck. A majority of these accidents are caused when smaller vehicles are trailing closely behind an 18-wheeler and the truck stops suddenly or is not seen by the smaller vehicle. This scenario can happen at any time of the day in all types of weather conditions.

Preventing Override and Underride Accidents

To avoid override and underride accidents, all trucks should:

  • Have properly working lights, warning signs, or flashing lights when parked on the shoulder
  • Avoid stopping or backing across traffic lanes
  • Have functioning tail lights and reflective tape
  • Have their brakes regularly inspected
  • Maintain a safe and appropriate distance from other vehicles on the road
  • Have appropriate underride guards
  • Remain alert to road conditions to avoid sudden, unexpected maneuvers

Unfortunately, large truck underride accidents continue, causing serious and fatal injuries.

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