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Birth Injury Leads to Child Abuse Claim


All expectant parents hope that their children are born healthy, without any injuries or medical issues. Unfortunately, some children are born with birth injuries. In many cases, these injuries occur because the baby is too large and is having issues traveling through the birth canal. To rescue the baby, doctors may have to use forceps, vacuum suction and other methods to free the baby. During this process, a baby can suffer shoulder, arm and head issues.

A baby suffered a broken collarbone during the birthing process. The baby, a girl, was born weighing 8 pounds, 14.5 ounces, which is considered large. The mother, who gave birth at ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital in Michigan, claims that the hospital not only ignored the baby’s injury but also accused the mother of child abuse.

The baby is now 6 months old. However, she was born with a broken collarbone. After the baby was delivered, the mother noticed that her collar bone was bruised and swollen. The baby’s arm also was not moving.

Her husband asked for doctors to perform an X-ray, but they refused, claiming that the baby was perfectly fine. Medical records indicated that the baby was born healthy.

The baby was born on a Monday, Four days later, the mother took the baby to a pediatrician. That was when an X-ray was performed and the collarbone was clearly broken in half. Furious, the mother went to the OB Unit at the ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital to complain.

Later that evening, the family got a visit from Child Protective Services, alleging child abuse. They ordered an emergency room visit, requiring that the baby get 24 additional X-rays to prove that she had no other broken bones. This was done even though the pediatrician wrote a letter confirming that the broken collarbone was the result of a birth injury.

Child Protective Service could not find any evidence to support any kind of child abuse. Despite this, the baby’s medical records still indicate “alleged child abuse.” The parents want this statement removed from the records, as they are worried about what could happen in the future. If the child suffers an injury, will the parents be charged with child abuse again?

The hospital, which never apologized for the situation, claims that it acted appropriately in the situation. However, the mother, a former labor and delivery nurse herself, is concerned about being labeled a child abuser. She has three children and finds the whole situation to be terrible.

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Birth injuries are common and are therefore not always taken seriously. However, these injuries can sometimes lead to more severe conditions and cause physical and mental problems for children.

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