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How Education Protects Against Traumatic Brain Injuries

A dramatic study in the journal Neurology suggests brain injuries have a more damaging impact on people with less education. The lead author, an epidemiologist at John Hopkins University, explains that more educated brains somehow “find ways around the damage” and are less impacted by an injury.

The study compared brain injury patients who had not completed high school to patients with a higher education. The patients with advanced college degrees did the best in the study, meaning these patients, after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that required an inpatient hospital stay and rehabilitation, were least likely to have a disability.

Patients who did not complete high school were most likely to have a disability after suffering a similarly severe TBI.

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Research on educational training suggests that learning is like going to 24-Fitness for the brain. Education strengthens the networks of brain cells and allows the brain to better withstand a traumatic injury.

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