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Van Roller Accident Kill Five on Illinois Interstate

On May 20, 2013, five Baltimore residents were killed in in a single-vehicle rollover accident. There were 11 occupants, nine of whom were thrown from the van. All six survivors were injured. The van was a 2002 Dodge 15-passenger van. 15-passenger vans are notorious for their high rollover rate. The group was travelling through Illinois on their way home from a religious gathering in California.

The Accident

The accident occurred about four miles west of Vandalia. The van was travelling east on I-70 when it hit the median near mile marker 57. It then crossed the eastbound lanes and rolled several time, landing upright. The weather was dry and clear.

The driver was driving under suspension, but his license was suspended for administrative reasons, not for traffic violations. He was ticketed for driving under suspension and for improper lane change.

15-Passenger Vans

15-passnger vans have high rollover rates. The more people in the van, the more likely it is to roll. This is due, in part, to faulty design. As more weight is placed in the van, the center of gravity rises, making it easier for the van to roll. More people means more violent weight shifts, with normal maneuvering.

Although the vans are designed and marketed for carrying 15 passengers, those carrying 10 or more have a rollover rate that is nearly three times higher than those carrying four or fewer.

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