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Do You Have A Case For Worker’s Compensation?

construction worker injured If you have been injured or contracted an illness due to your job, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. As soon as the incident has occurred, you must report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. If you do not report it you could lose your ability to get worker’s compensation. After it’s been reported, your employer, your employer’s insurance company, and the Illinois worker’s compensation division will evaluate your case. They will decide what type of benefits you will need and the amount you will be awarded to help with your expenses.

What Is Worker’s Compensation?

When you’ve been injured on the job, worker’s compensation is there as a form of insurance to help pay for medical expenses as well as wage compensation for days you are unable to be on the job. By accepting worker’s compensation you are relinquishing your power to sue your employer. Along with any physical injuries, worker’s compensation also covers diseases contracted while being on the job.

What Benefits Could I Receive?

The three main benefits you could receive are the following. Depending on the incident, you could also receive additional benefits.

  • Medical Expense Benefits
  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

What Would Qualify You For Worker’s Compensation?

At the end of the day, if your life has been altered in any way due to your injury or illness, you are entitled to some form of worker’s compensation. The type of benefits and amount you receive is determined on the type of injury you have sustained.

What Reasons Would You Need An Attorney?

  • You are in need of surgery due to your injuries.
  • Your health will never be as strong as it was before your injury or disease.
  • Working on a regular basis at the same job you had before is impossible for you.
  • You had a preexisting disability that is not being taken into account with your worker’s compensation.
  • You disagree with the decision made by your employer, your employer’s insurance company, or your state’s workers’ comp division.
  • You don’t believe the benefits you are receiving are the right ones for your situation, or you believe you are eligible for additional benefits.
  • Your employer is not following through on the decision made by the state workers’ comp division.
  • You would like to have a professional walk you through the worker’s compensation process to make sure you are receiving the best care.

If any of these instances are applicable for you, we urge you to contact Harvey Walner to see if you have a case. Obtaining a lawyer as soon as the event occurred can help tremendously should any problems arise while trying to obtain worker’s compensation.


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