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Car Accident Claim Timeline: How Long Does it Take?

Whenever you suffer injuries in a car accident, you need to know that you’re working quickly to recover the compensation you need. Unfortunately, the timeline can be problematic for a number of reasons. However, if you have a clear idea of what to expect, you can better prepare yourself for what’s to come.

It’s vital to recognize what the timeline looks like, so you’re aware of the process and how you can move forward as quickly as possible.

Delays in the Process

Insurance companies and adjusters don’t always make it easy for you to get through the process. They’ll offer you a low settlement and then delay the investigation because they know you need money, and you need it fast.

The more insurance companies can make you wait, the more likely you are to accept whatever money they offer you. As such, they can make the process of filing a claim and recovering compensation much longer than it needs to be.

Settlements and Trial

The back and forth on settlements and making a decision to go to trial can make the process last even longer. Negotiations may be difficult when insurance companies are adamant on paying a lot less than they should, so you want to have your legal counsel with you to help handle these difficult situations on your behalf.

How a Lawyer Can Help

We know that insurance companies are quick to take advantage of a vulnerable situation. A lawyer can work to keep insurance adjusters honest, holding negligent parties accountable, and pursuing the maximum compensation you need.

At Walner Law®, we’re focused on providing the highest level of legal counsel possible. Our team of Chicago car accident attorneys work hard on your behalf when it matters most because we know that you need compensation during a challenging time.

Trust us to be your advocates. Call us today at (312) 313-2888.


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