Every medical negligence case is unique, but there are common types of injuries that infants wrongfully suffer because of a hospital error. Sadly, these medical mistakes often cause a profound impact on the life of a child. Conditions such as cerebral palsy affect the victim for a lifetime. While nearly all birth injuries are irreversible, a successful malpractice lawsuit allows the victim and family to recover damages for all medical expenses related to the injury.

One of the most important things regarding birth injury litigation is finding the cause of the injury.

Overly aggressive delivery of the baby: In some cases, the doctor uses forceps or vacuum extraction methods incorrectly, or simply pulls the child too hard during delivery, causing brain damage or other types of physical injuries.
Improper fetal monitoring during delivery: In other cases, the doctor fails to monitor the mother and child during labor, which leads to injuries that include brain damage, cerebral palsy due to lack of blood flow or oxygen to the child.

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