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Category Archives: Slip and Fall Accidents


Appeals Court Denies Woman for Slip and Fall Claims

By Harvey L. Walner |

A state appeals court has ruled that a woman is not allowed to sue a Chicago Food 4 Less store or the company hired to clear the snow from the parking lot after she slipped and fell on ice and broke her ankle. Sharon Jordan was injured on November 12, 2013 when she slipped… Read More »

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Woman Sues for Slip and Fall at Chicago Shopping Center

By Harvey L. Walner |

A Chicago woman is suing a city shopping center for a slip and fall accident she claims happened because of snow and ice in the parking lot. Pauline Owens filed a lawsuit against Semmer Landscape LLC and others, alleging negligence and other counts that attributed to her injuries. According to her claims, she fell… Read More »

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