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Multiple Illinois Nursing Homes Face Violations for Abuse, Neglect


Think your loved one is safe in a nursing home? Don’t be so sure. The Illinois Department of Public Health puts out a quarterly report that lists nursing home violations.

The most recent report covers July through September 2019. Included in the report are 71 Illinois nursing home facilities that are in violation of the Nursing Home Care Act.

Eastside Health & Rehab Center is one of those facilities. Located in Pittsfield, the nursing home was cited on June 20 for neglect and abuse. One major issue was that the facility failed to implement an appropriate program for preventing skin issues such as heat rashes and pressure sores. The staff members failed to turn or reposition two patients who were immobile and required 24-hour care. The owner of the facility, Peterson Health Operations, LLC, received a $2,200 fine for the incident.

Another local facility, Heritage Health of Jacksonville, was cited a week later, also for abuse and neglect. In a similar situation, the nursing home did not have a program to prevent skin issues. One patient who suffered from mobility issues suffered skin wounds due to improper care. The facility then failed to adequately treat these wounds. The facility owner, Barton W. Stone Jacksonville, LLC, was fined $2,200 for this violation.

Several other local facilities were listed in the report. They include Jerseyville Manor, Capitol Aperion Care, Lewis Memorial Christian Village, Good Samaritan Home in Quincy and The Bridge Care Suites in Springfield.

What is the Nursing Home Care Act?

Under 210 ILCS 45, nursing home residents have various rights afforded to them. They are offered basic rights, and cannot be deprived of any rights or privileges guaranteed by state law or the Constitution of the United States. This means they are protected from unlawful discrimination. They are also given the right to manage their own financial affairs unless they are a minor or they have someone else taking care of their finances.

Nursing home residents are also allowed to hold onto their personal property and wear it, unless deemed medically inappropriate. They also can keep their physician. However, it will be at their own expense, and the nursing home will not be held liable for any negligence by the doctor.

A person also has rights relating to drug treatment. They can refuse treatment that comes with adverse consequences or is required for an excessive duration. They can also opt not to take drugs in excessive doses or without adequate monitoring.

Every resident is also given private, uncensored communication by mail, telephone, or in-person visitation. Any hard copy correspondence will be conveniently received and mailed, and telephones will be reasonably accessible.

Contact a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

Nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable people. They are often physically and mentally disabled and therefore prone to abuse and neglect by untrained staff members.

If your loved one was injured or killed by nursing home abuse or neglect, seek legal help. The Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers at Harvey L. Walner & Associates, LTD can help hold the nursing homes and staff responsible for their actions. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the online request form or calling 312-800-0000.


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