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Nacho Cheese Leads to Slip and Fall Case


Many people patronize gas stations not only to fill up their vehicles, but also their stomachs as well. Many gas stations carry yummy offerings such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, candy and even nachos. While delicious, nachos can be messy. The cheese can spill onto the ground, causing an unsuspecting customer to slip and fall and suffer serious injuries.

One of the first slip and fall cases in Illinois in 2020 involves a gas station in Joliet. Thorntons gas station, located at 2798 West Jefferson Street, is facing a premises liability lawsuit after a woman slipped and fell on nacho cheese inside the convenience store.

The woman was inside the Thorntons on April 12, 2018. She was walking in the nacho cheese dip area when she slipped on some cheese dip that had fallen onto the ground. The woman’s foot came into contact with the cheese, causing her to slip and fall.

The woman’s lawyer identified several cases of negligence against Thorntons. The gas station failed to clear the walkway with safety sweeps. It failed to take caution, given that spills were common in the area where the woman fell. The gas station failed to follow other safety-related policies and procedures.

In addition, a gas station employee apparently knew about the spilled nacho cheese, but failed to clean it up promptly. An employee’s statement proved that workers were “too busy” to clean up the mess, even though they were aware of it.

The woman, who lives in Plainfield, suffered bodily injury and mental anguish, according to her lawsuit. She is seeking compensation in excess of $50,000.

Proving a Slip and Fall Case

While customers should always be watching where they are going at all times, sometimes the business owner and employees can be held liable for slip and fall cases. In order to prove liability, the victim must prove that a business owner or employee should have known about the condition and taken steps to remove or repair the danger, or that the property owner or employee caused the condition themselves.

This means it must be determined if the employee or owner acted reasonably. How long did the hazardous condition last? Was it a few minutes? Few hours? Are employees supposed to be available to clean up spills and debris the moment they fall onto the ground? How much liability does a customer have in these situations? What other factors are involved?

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Customers don’t expect to be injured while patronizing a gas station, store, restaurant or any other place of business. Any debris on the floor can cause a person to slip and fall, causing serious injuries.

If you were a victim of a slip and fall accident or any other type of premises liability case, seek legal help from the Chicago premises liability lawyers at Harvey L. Walner & Associates, LTD. We can assess your case and help you recover damages as appropriate. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the online request form or calling 312-800-0000.


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