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Posts in April, 2016

Apr 27

Helping Someone In Distress Under The Illinois Good Samaritan Law

Sometimes, individuals are in need of urgent medical attention. And there necessarily aren’t trained professionals around to always help. Ordinary citizens who see someone in ...

Apr 20

Are Educators Liable For Student Injury?

Teachers are responsible for children’s education. But are they legally liable when a child is injured at school on their watch? Well, it depends on ...

Apr 13

Hoverboard Dangers And Product Liability Cases

Hoverboards are the tech toy everyone’s clamoring over right now. From talk shows to YouTube, young and old, everyone is jumping on the not-so-hovering technology. Now, one ...

Apr 06

Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury Lawsuit? Which to Pursue and Their Benefits

People get injured at work every day and while hopefully it never happens to you, it’s good to know the steps to take afterwards should ...