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WALNER LAW® is a Chicago personal injury law firm dedicated to personal service and treating you with the respect and courtesy you deserve. We believe in providing the attention that our clients need, not just to get settlements and win cases, but to put their lives back together. Recovering from your injury takes more than just a check, and our lawyers know how to help you get the most out of your judgment or settlement.

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling many types of personal injury lawsuits. In addition, we are all dedicated to providing you with personal service that goes beyond just being in the office. For you, our client, we are never on vacation, never indisposed, never out of reach.

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Our years of experience and our time as a larger law firm have helped us make numerous personal connections with a nationwide network of lawyers. If we can’t help you with your case, we can help you find someone who can. We — at no additional fee to you — work with many of our firm’s former attorneys who we trust and rely upon to help us maximize the financial recovery in your case. As a core team, Walner Law® personally works on and directs your case to a financial victory. Our team of paralegals will work with your doctors, hospitals, and other health professionals to gather your bills, records, and reports.

At Walner Law®, we believe in thoroughly investigating your case. We use private investigators to take evidential pictures of scenes of accidents, as well as the injuries you’ve sustained. Our team of investigators also takes witness statements, checks insurance information, and assesses the assets of those responsible for your injuries.

Walner Law® offers transportation services for our disabled clients to and from doctor appointments, hospital visits, grocery store errands, and other places you may not be able to get to on your own. We work exclusively with Moving2Transportation.

We bring a team to back you up and advocate for you. When you hire Walner Law®, you hire a team of people who will work for you.

More than Just a Check

Your personal injury lawsuit is not just about money, it’s about making sure that you and your family are taken care of after your accident. It’s about paying rent, paying bills, and ensuring your children’s future. That’s why at Walner Law®, our representation doesn’t end when you get your settlement or judgment check.

If you need help in getting the best medical care, we are here. If you do not have insurance or the financial resources to see the best physicians, we will work for you to find the best healthcare professionals that will tend to your injuries and wait to be paid when we win your case.

We work hard to maximize your benefit from your case, which means understanding from experience how best to utilize the settlement or judgment. We can help you find an investment advisor to get the most out of your money. We can also help set up annuities to structure a settlement for minors so they can get long-term benefit from the money. If necessary, we can also help find a guardian for minors or disabled injury victims. Our goal is to ensure that you are still seeing the benefit of your case 20 years from now or more.

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Mr. Walner I am so grateful for your passion dedication and professionalism.
Kristin was so knowledgeable and guided me step by step about my options and kept me in the loop about my case.
I chose Walner Law because they made me feel like a very important client and took consideration of my medical injury at the time.
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