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Construction Accidents

Chicago Construction Accident Lawyers

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Construction accidents often cause serious injuries and death. The consequences for the victims — whether they are construction workers or innocent bystanders —can be tremendous. At Walner Law®, our Chicago construction accident lawyers understand that, and we will fight passionately to help you get the justice you deserve.

We believe you have the right to a safe workplace without an unreasonable risk of injury. Our lawyers have been fighting for the rights of injury victims for more than 75 years and we have what it takes to ensure you receive full compensation. We care about you, not just your successful construction accident claim.

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Not Just Employees

Sometimes construction sites can cause injuries to passersby who are struck by falling debris, accidentally wander into an unsecured site or a site with insufficient notices, or suffer a motor vehicle accident connected to construction debris or vehicles.

Holding the Responsible Party Liable

It is the construction company’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect each construction site alongside safety engineers. Your company must also provide safety programs and functional, appropriate safety gear for every worker. When these measures are not taken because of laziness or cutting corners to save money, the person or party responsible should pay.

Parties at fault for your workplace accident could include:

  • Construction company owners
  • Site managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Architects
  • Safety inspectors
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Subcontractors or general contractors

Although workers’ compensation laws prevent you from filing a lawsuit against your employer, you may be able to file lawsuits against other parties who shared responsibility for the accident and receive compensation above and beyond your workers’ compensation benefits.

Types of Construction Injuries

Construction injuries vary considerably, based on the type of work being performed and the circumstances surrounding your work environment. While a number of construction injuries are minor, the serious consequences they present should not be ignored. If your employer is negligent and you become injured, even a strain or sprain should force your company to reassess its safety procedures.

Construction workers may suffer more severe injuries, such as burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, blinding injuries, and hearing loss. While no construction site is entirely safe, many accidents can be avoided if the proper precautions are taken.

An estimated 40 percent of all construction-site fatalities involve electrocution. Other common construction accidents that result in injury include:

  • Falls from heights
  • Crane accidents
  • Brazing Accidents
  • Gas and mechanical hazards
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Dangerous and defective machines
  • Logging accidents
  • Welding and cutting accidents

Calling us today will not cost you a dime. You can tell us all the details of your case and the Chicago construction accident lawyers at Walner Law® can tell you how we can help. You will be surprised at how much difference a personal touch can make in your Chicago personal injury case. Our law firm will never charge unless we win your case, so please contact us today.

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There Is No Substitute for Results
  • Loss of Legs in a Conveyor Belt Accident $23.5 Million
  • Permanent Spinal Cord Injury from Auto Accident $21 Million
  • Wrongful Death of a Mom with 4-Year-Old Child $11 Million
  • Loss of Foot After Cement Truck Accident $10 Million
  • Wrongful Death from a Motor Vehicle Accident $1.9 Million

    Our client was T-boned by a driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. Our client suffered severe injuries from the accident and sadly lost the life of their spouse.

  • Severe Brain Injury from Unmarked Dump Truck 7 Figures

    Verdict against a utility company and a municipality for leaving a dumpster on the street without any reflectors or lights, causing the client’s vehicle to strike the dumpster and our client to sustain a severe brain injury.

  • Wrongful Death in Swimming Pool Accident 7 Figures

    Swimming pool accident causing the death of a 12-year-old child.

  • Mass Tort Against Municipality & Chemical Company 7 Figures

    Lead counsel in a mass tort action against a municipality and a chemical company.



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