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Birth Injury

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyers

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If your child suffered a sudden birth injury, or died during delivery, you deserve to know what happened. If this tragedy could have been prevented, your birth doctor or hospital staff should be held liable.

At Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd., your birth injury lawsuit is not just about money, it’s about making sure that your child is taken care of for the rest of his or her life. It’s also about seeking justice, finding closure, and helping prevent such tragedies from happening to other newborns in the future. Our Chicago birth injury lawyers are dedicated to providing you with personal service that goes beyond our office walls, helping put you at ease while your birth injury claim develops.

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Birth Defects Vs. Birth Injuries

A birth injury occurs when a baby is born, and something does not go according to plan during the delivery process. Birth injuries are the result of a doctor’s medical negligence and should have been prevented with adequate medical care.

Birth injuries are often confused with birth defects. A birth defect is harm to your unborn child that occurs before or during pregnancy. Many birth defects are genetic and cannot be entirely prevented. However, a congenital disability can arise if the mother has been prescribed an unsafe medication during her pregnancy.

Common Birth Injuries

There is a full medical catalog filled with known birth injuries, their causes, and their consequences. Some of birth injuries are considerably rare, and others are unfortunately common. We can handle any birth injury claim, regardless of the birth injury’s rarity or complications, though.

To discuss some of the more common birth injuries:

  • Caput succedaneum: This occurs when the soft tissues of your newborn’s scalp swell as they are traveling through the birth canal. Vacuum extraction increases the likelihood of this birth injury. However, it does not typically result in serious effects and may heal within just a few days.
  • Erb’s/Brachial palsy: If your doctor has difficulty delivering the baby’s shoulder and the brachial plexus (the group of nerves connected to the arms and hands) becomes injured, it can cause brachial palsy. Your newborn will temporarily lose their ability to flex and rotate their arm. However, if the nerve was torn, the damage and its consequences can be permanent.
  • Cerebral palsy: This birth injury can be caused by harm to the brain that occurs before, during, or after childbirth. It affects your child’s ability to control movement and posture. It may result in short- or long-term difficulties.
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage: This is caused if the tiny vessels in your newborn’s eyes break, making them appear red around the iris. No treatment should be necessary, as the condition most often heals on its own.
  • Bruising or forceps marks: Forceps used in the delivery process can leave bruises on the baby’s face, and vacuum extraction can leave bruises and lacerations on their scalp. Lacerations may heal naturally, or they can cause permanent disfigurement.
  • Cephalohematoma: This occurs if there is bleeding between your baby’s bone and fibrous covering of the head, and it often appears as a raised lump hours after delivery. There should be no treatment necessary in most cases.
  • Facial paralysis: Excessive pressure on your child’s face can damage the facial nerves, causing paralysis. This paralysis may be temporary, long-term, or permanent.

Delivery & Labor Injury Lawsuits

Most delivery and labor injury lawsuits are caused by either the performance of unnecessary cesarean sections or from the birth of infants with brain damage, neurological disorders, or other serious injuries suffered during labor and delivery. Whether brain damage is diagnosed soon after delivery or later, when the child fails to achieve developmental milestones during the first years of life, parents usually seek out an explanation as to why. If they are told that their child suffered the irreversible brain injury, they are also usually told that the birth injury was unavoidable. This is rarely the truth, and circumstances that led to the brain damage are not being fully disclosed.

To get to the truth of the matter, come to Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd. and speak with our Chicago delivery injury attorneys. We may decide to conduct an independent evaluation of your child’s medical records and call upon the help of qualified experts for further insight. Together, we can determine the cause and timing of your child’s birth injury and whether the adverse outcome could have been prevented with proper medical care.

We ask the following questions and more when trying to get to the root of a delivery or birth injury:

  • What caused the fetal or neonatal brain damage?
  • Did treating physicians timely diagnose and properly manage those fetal, maternal, or neonatal conditions capable of causing irreversible brain damage?
  • Were there warning signs of fetal distress during the labor and delivery that should have prompted the obstetrician to intervene and expedite the delivery?
  • Would earlier intervention or delivery have prevented the birth injury?

Proving Negligence to Strengthen Your Birth Injury Claim

In birth injury cases, a court will generally determine whether the obstetricians acted in compliance with the customary practices of his or her profession. Although application of this standard is not the sole determinant of the outcome of the lawsuit, it is extremely important in evaluating the reasonableness of the obstetrician’s actions.

With the increasing rate of medical malpractice lawsuits involving childbirth, it is important for expectant parents to understand the medical procedures used during the birth of their baby and how those procedures can affect the health of their baby and the health of the mother. In the unfortunate event of an injury to either mother or baby, the parents may want to pursue both answers and compensation through legal action. This type of a case requires an attorney with great knowledge and experience in the field of medical malpractice, especially in childbirth cases.

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