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Dec 09

Bicycle Accident Stats You Should Know

Bicycle accidents. We’ve covered just how dangerous they are and the severe injuries bicyclists can sustain because of negligence. The numbers don’t lie; far too ...

Dec 08

Dooring & Bicycle Accidents

Have you ever heard the term “getting doored?” It describes a situation that is far more common than you may think. Unfortunately for bicyclists, it’s ...

Nov 01

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

When you suffer injuries in a bicycle accident, you want to ensure you seek compensation from the responsible party. However, when filing a claim, proving ...

Oct 26

Where Do Most Bicycle Accidents Happen?

For all bicyclists, staying safe on the road is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, some bicycle accidents occur more often in specific places than they ...

Oct 14

Bicycle Riding Safety Tips

Many people love the freedom of riding a bicycle, especially when they are commuting, and can save significant amounts of money on gas. However, bicycle ...

Sep 27

Is It Safer to Ride In Groups?

For many bicyclists, riding solo is typical for commuters. However, it often means less visibility and an increased risk of a severe crash. As a ...

Sep 21

Bicycle Accident Dangers

Far too often, individuals suffer severe injuries in crashes. However, bicycle accidents can result in some of the most devastating and catastrophic injuries. And with ...

Sep 14

Talk to Your Doctor About COVID-19 Safety

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to be a concern across the globe as the highly transmissible delta variant spreads. At Walner Law in Chicago, we ...

Sep 03

Three Major Dangers In Trucking Accidents

Unfortunately, thousands of truck accidents occur each year. When these collisions happen, they result in some of the most catastrophic injuries. Dangers exist in all ...

Aug 24

Walner Law in Chicago Welcomes Law Clerk Noah Nagar

Walner Law® in Chicago is one of Illinois’s most trusted personal injury and complex litigation law firms. We have built our reputation for greatness across ...