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Is It Safer to Ride In Groups?

For many bicyclists, riding solo is typical for commuters. However, it often means less visibility and an increased risk of a severe crash. As a result, bicyclists ride in groups because they feel that it keeps them safer on the road. Is that the case, though?

While riding in a group can increase visibility significantly, some dangers still exist. It helps to know what you can do to stay safe, but negligence is not always preventable. Here are some of the risks that arise when riding in a group.

More Space Needed

Unless groups are riding in a straight line, they require more space in bike lanes. They may ride next to each other, putting at least a few riders closer to cars on the road. When drivers don’t pay attention or drink and drive, they can swerve towards the bike lane.

Even clipping one bicyclist can cause a chain reaction that results in multiple bicyclists suffering severe injuries. If you decide to ride in a group, be sure to stay in a straight line and avoid being close to traffic. When you do this, though, be sure to give each other enough space. One bicyclist’s front tire can hit another bicyclist’s back tire, causing them to lose control.

Negligent Drivers Exist

Unfortunately, as many safety precautions as you take, you still can’t predict or prevent negligence. Here are some of the common problems that exist on the road that can cause a driver to crash into a bicyclist:

  • Drunk driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding

These drivers can cause some of the most devastating injuries when they swerve into the bike lane or run red lights where bicyclists may be crossing.

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