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Where Do Most Bicycle Accidents Happen?

Walner Law®
Walner Law®

October 26, 2021

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For all bicyclists, staying safe on the road is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, some bicycle accidents occur more often in specific places than they do in others. It’s crucial to recognize where bicycle accidents happen and just how dangerous they are.


One of the most common locations for bicycle accidents is at intersections. Whether riders are on the street and following the laws or crossing at an intersection, this is one of the most dangerous locations for all bicyclists.

Far too often, drivers speed, run red lights, or drive too tired, intoxicated, or distracted. When this happens, they put all others on the road at risk of severe harm. Roughly 30% of fatal bicycle accidents occur at intersections, and it’s easy to see why.

Bike Lanes On Busy Streets

Heavily trafficked streets with bike lanes can be very dangerous. Despite the bike lane and its goal of keeping bicyclists safe, some drivers swerve or try to get around others. They often enter the bike lane, cutting off bicyclists or ending up behind them before speeding into them.


You may not think that a neighborhood is a common location for a bicycle accident, but some of the biggest problems can arise in these locations. For instance, a driver pulls out of their driveway without looking, and a passing bicyclist can suffer a crash. Similarly, a driver may open their door after parking on the street, and a passing bicyclist may crash into the opening door.

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