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Posts in Brain Injuries

Jan 14

How Can a Brain Injury Impact My Life?

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most difficult to experience. They can significantly impact your entire life, leaving you dealing with the physical and ...

Nov 14

Brain Injury: Symptoms And Treatment

A brain injury is something that can happen at any time and affect a person’s life in a dramatic way. Most brain injuries occur during ...

Apr 10

Causes Of Brain Injuries

At Harvey L. Walner & Associates, our Chicago personal injury lawyers understand the nature of brain injuries. We know how serious they are and we understand ...

Oct 30

The Long-Term Costs Of Brain Injury

Studies have shown that the lifetime costs for a single traumatic brain injury can range well over $1 million. These expenses can strain even the finances of ...

May 20

The Effect Of Education On TBI

Reviewing the records of 769 patients who suffered brain injury severe enough to require both hospitalization and rehabilitation, researchers at Johns Hopkins stumbled upon something remarkable – ...