Personal Injury Attorney Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Harvey L. Walner & Associates Ltd. is a personal injury law firm representing clients in the Chicago, Illinois area. Our attorneys have over 75 years of aggregated litigation experience and we put 100% of our experience, our legal knowledge, and our dedication to getting justice for our clients. But our personal service and representation doesn't end with a check.

Big law firms advertise big cases and big verdicts because these cases mean big money--for them. The benefit for you is more dubious. A settlement that looks big on paper may not be so big after everyone--including the law firm--takes their piece of the pie.

But we don't work for the money, we work for you. What matters most to us is not the big settlement number we win, but how to maximize the amount you can take home and keep. Even after we get a settlement or judgment, we keep working for you, to help you get the maximum value out of your lawsuit. We can negotiate with doctors, insurance companies, even Medicare/Medicaid to help you keep more of the settlement or judgment. Then we can help you protect that money so it will be there when you need it.

Cases We Handle

Free Consultation

We know that you do not have money to spare after your injury, so your call and consultation with us is always FREE. The Chicago personal injury attorneys of Harvey L. Walner & Associates work on contingency, meaning we don't get paid unless you get paid. We won't delay your case trying to build up billable hours or rush unprepared into a trial to get court fees. We work hard and try to get the best possible result for you. We will come to your home, or if you are in a hospital or nursing home, we will come and visit you at your location.

Personal Service

We focus on personal service. When you call us, we will call you back. We are always checking our messages and will get back to you, no matter what. For our clients, we are never too busy, never too distracted, never on vacation.

If you prefer email, we will communicate online with you. All of our clients have access to all employees’ direct phone lines and to attorneys’ cell phones. We understand when you are not able to get around due to your injuries and disabilities. We will provide transportation options for you so your disability won’t be a hindrance to your lifestyle whether it’s getting to your healthcare professionals appointments or getting to the grocery store. We will work out a complimentary solution to your daily living needs.

All employees of Harvey L. Walner & Associates have access to your files because we store your information both electronically and of course traditionally in a paper file. Any of our employees will always say to you: Yes! I see your bill, or pictures of your car, or your police report and I can help you now! 

If you or a loved one has been hurt, and you need help, please call or email our Chicago personal injury attorneys today for a FREE consultation. You can also text "walnerlaw" to 41513 for a FREE consultation.