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Scales of Justice

Texting While Driving

The Chicago car accident attorneys at Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd. know what an epidemic texting while driving has become, and we also know that this bad habit is causing a significant number of serious personal injuries and fatalities. Texting while driving has been banned in several states, and hefty fines are being assessed to those who break this law. The number of car accidents in our nation each day is staggering. Now with the advent of multiple technological devices such as smartphones, drivers are more distracted than ever before. These distractions lead to more accidents, which lead to more serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths. If you are texting while driving and cause a fatality accident, you could be sued for wrongful death.

A Real-Life Example

Around July 4th weekend, two Chicago men were arrested by police for driving drunk and texting while driving. That’s a double whammy that can only lead to disaster. In August 2009, Illinois became the 17th state to ban texting while driving. Governor Pat Quinn signed the amendment to the Illinois Vehicle Code; the bill does make exceptions to those who pull over to text or shift their car into park while stopped in traffic. If you have lost a loved one in a car accident due to a texting driver, or if you have received an injury that has negatively impacted your life, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact the Chicago car accident attorneys at Harvey L. Walner & Associates today to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation.