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Unnecessary C-Sections

In an effort to curb lawsuits regarding birth injuries and other medical malpractice issues surrounding labor and delivery, many hospitals are now requiring obstetricians to perform C-section, even when they aren’t medically necessary. Indeed, the number of C-sections performed yearly has increased over 25 percent since 1971 – an increase that many holds are not only unnecessary but incredibly dangerous.

C-sections are medically necessary under certain conditions. When needed, C-sections can save the life of both mother and child, and help prevent needless complications. However, being necessary under certain circumstances is not the same as being a good idea, and unnecessary C-sections come with many increased surgical risks. When these increased risks lead to serious or fatal injury, you have every right to hold the responsible parties accountable and seek compensation well in excess of insurance offerings.

What to Do if Injured from an Unnecessary C-Section

If you or a loved one have been injured during an unnecessary medical procedure, you may be entitled to seek compensation well in excess of initial insurance offerings. The Illinois medical malpractice attorneys at Walner Law can meet with you free of charge to discuss your case and your rights, and help you determine the best way to get the justice you are due.

To schedule your free consultation with an experienced Chicago attorney, please contact Walner Law today.


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