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5 Star Nursing Homes In Chicago

There are 85 five-star nursing homes in the Chicago Metro area. This is not our evaluation. The ranking comes from The 2014 U.S. News & World Report “Best Nursing Homes” rankings and Nursing Home Compare, a program run by the federal agency that sets and enforces nursing home standards.

So What Makes a Five-Star Nursing Home?

When we think of five-star hotels or restaurants we picture only the best quality of service, the greatest scenic views, and the plushest pillows or restaurant seat cushions. A five-star nursing home, on the other hand, receives its high marks on the basis of these things: state-conducted health inspections, how much time nurses spend with residents and the quality of medical care.

With a growing senior population and thus a growing number of nursing home patients, data compilations and ranking are increasingly important. But, even the best-ranked homes still pose a risk to your elderly loved one. Just like a five-star restaurant is not immune from serving a bad meal…even when the restaurant health inspection is up to par and the server spends time at your table.

Publicly published ranking reports and a push from lawmakers for greater transparency within nursing homes is not enough to combat increasing instances of nursing home abuse. Often, the most effective way to unveil problematic facility policies and the depth of nursing home abuse is through litigation.

Elderly patient care requires careful attention and understanding of each elderly individual. It is critical to be watchful and take notice of the physical and emotional state of your loved one. You may see something that someone else could easily overlook. Elder abuse comes in many forms and the signs may be subtle at the beginning. Walner & Associates is here for you so you can be there for your elder loved one when laws, regulations, and five-star ratings fail.