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Nursing Home Abuse Extends Into Patient Finances

Nursing home abuse is a tragic reality in Chicago and across the country. But while physical abuse grabs headlines, financial manipulation and exploitation is also a serious issue.

Elders are often unable to protect themselves. Nursing home staff members may take financial advantage of an elderly patient by stealing their identity, their possessions, their medications, by modifying their will, or by simply asking the patient for large amounts of money when the patient is not fully competent.

Financial exploitation is a real threat for your elderly loved one. It can happen in the nursing home, through the mail, from a phone call, or online.

Here are some tips to protect your loved one from financial abuse:

  • Ask the nursing home what precautions are used to protect the personal possessions of the residents.
  • Find out where your loved one stores his or her credit card information
  • Does your loved one make their own purchases online or via phone? If so, instruct your loved one how to make purchases safely and securely.
  • Review your family member’s medication to ensure they have the proper amount
  • Does the nursing home facility administrator have access to patient finances?
  • Review your loved one’s financial statements regularly
  • Ensure only trusted individuals have access to your loved ones finances, trust funds, and other accounts

Abuse in all forms is unacceptable. Elderly patients in nursing homes are legally entitled to a safe environment free from physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

Your loved one’s nursing home should provide secure storage for each resident’s personal items and have a protocol in place for keeping person possessions safe.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area and you suspect your loved one was financially exploited at a nursing home, our nursing home abuse lawyers can help. Please call Harvey L. Walner & Asssociates, Ltd. today at (312) 313-2888 or contact us online for a free consultation.