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Initial Consultation: What To Expect

After scheduling your initial consultation with one of our lawyers from Harvey Walner & Associates, you will meet face-to-face with one of our experienced Chicago personal injury lawyers to go over what happened and get specific details of your case. The benefits of an initial consultation are to not only get an idea if your case is worth pursuing, but this is also your opportunity to evaluate your lawyer. Do you like this person? Do you think you can work well together? Can you trust them?

During our first meeting with you, we will want to learn the facts of your case. This is your time to describe in your own words what happened. You should bring any documents you have regarding the case, such as police reports, medical bills and repair bills. If you lost time from work, try to provide the information for us with the number of days you missed and how much you are paid. This general discussion serves two purposes: it gives us the facts of the case and it provides a chance for us to make some general observations on how you speak, your mannerisms and whether you will come across as a person who would be believed by a jury.

After reviewing the facts with you, we work with you to provide a general snapshot of what the chances of success with your case are, defenses the other party may use, and strategies that we may be able to use in the your case. Additionally, we will also go over the strengths and weaknesses of the case. At this point, we will also tell you whether the case is worth pursuing or not. If it is, we will initiate initial intake paperwork that can include: a contract for the case, medical release forms, and insurance information.

Serious accidents demand serious and immediate legal representation. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you can demand compensation to cover the long-term cost of your injuries. Harvey Walner & Associates’ knowledgeable legal team is guided by a passion for advocacy. Contact Harvey Walner & Associates today to learn more about how an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney can protect your rights.


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