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The Importance Of Firework Safety In The Summer

With summer here, it’s a given that there will be fireworks- and lots of them. While being in awe of the dazzling lights in the sky can be memorizing, it can be easy to forget how dangerous fireworks actually are. They are, after all, explosives. Many personal injuries result from the use of fireworks .

To prevent firework accidents and personal injuries, every Chicago resident should take the time to look up local fireworks laws and to read our safety tips. Here are a few things you can do while still showing off your patriotism:

  • Never drink alcohol and light fireworks.
  • Always light fireworks outside and in a clear area.
  • Make sure to read all warning and instruction labels before setting off fireworks to avoid possible danger.
  • Keep children and pets far away from fireworks. And make sure to never point fireworks at a person.
  • Never try to light homemade fireworks, make sure to light one firework at a time, or shoot fireworks in a metal or glass container.
  • After you light a firework, make sure to step away and keep a safe distance.
  • Make sure to wear safety glasses when igniting fireworks and to always have a bucket of water and hose on hand, in case of emergencies.
  • At the end of your celebration, throw away your used fireworks by dousing them in water and discarding them in a metal trash can.

If you have more questions or concerns about fireworks safety, you can visit the National Fireworks Safety website or contact your local authorities to find out the local fireworks laws.


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