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Attorney, Family Of Kenneka Jenkins On Suing Hotel Over Freezer Death

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  • The 19-year-old was found dead on September 9, 2017. Her body was in a freezer that was in an unused kitchen.
  • Her family is now suing the hotel, the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, for $50 million.
  • The family and their attorneys will talk more about the lawsuit at at a news conference Tuesday morning.
  • The lawsuit claims the hotel and its security team were negligent for failing to secure the freezer and for failing to conduct a proper search.
  • It says several hotel employees saw Jenkins and could have stopped her from going to the closed kitchen.
  • It claims if the surveillance video was checked sooner, Jenkins would have been found sooner and possibly still alive.
  • An autopsy found that she died of hypothermia.
  • She also had alcohol, and a drug used to treat epilepsy and migraines, in her system.
  • Surveillance video released by police showed Jenkins stumbling through the hotel’s hallways before she found the kitchen and freezer.
  • The hotel says it will fight the lawsuit.

“The death of Kenneka Jenkins was a tragedy, but the proximate cause of her death was the unsavory individuals who used a stolen credit card to book a room and host an illegal party which Ms. Jenkins attended,” the hotel stated. “Those criminals escaped the hotel before police arrived and have never truly been held accountable. This lawsuit has no merit and we will vigorously contest it.”


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