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Doctors And Experts Warn Of The Dangers Of Trampoline Parks

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March 19, 2019


Child jumping on an indoor trampolineTrampoline parks are becoming one of the most popular destinations for children, but these places come at a serious risk of injury for kids. Journalists are reporting serious injuries occurring inside local trampoline parks after reviewing hundreds of 911 calls around the Chicago area. The data collected shows an increase in the number of emergency calls for injuries happening at trampoline parks, some of which are potentially permanent and life-changing for children.

Reviews of trampoline park injuries outside of Chicago include reports of fractured ankles, broken necks, traumatic brain injuries, and one instance where a guest hit the edge of a trampoline so hard it severed his foot. One child in New Jersey fractured his femur in a trampoline park and was in a cast from his ankle to his pelvis for weeks.

A review of sixteen Chicago-area trampoline parks over the last three years found a total of 315 calls made to 911 for injuries, and that number does not include the parents that took their children directly to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Safety experts have been criticizing trampoline parks as unsafe arenas for children, with one expert telling journalists that he has seen fractured skulls, traumatic brain injuries, brain bleeds, broken noses, broken cheekbones, broken jaws, and broken necks that have led to paralysis and death for children.

In addition, emergency room doctors around the city have also reported an increase in the number of patients seen who have been injured at a trampoline park in Chicago. One doctor explained that they are now referring to one type of injury as the “trampoline fracture,” caused by open growth plates in children in their extremities. Trampoline fractures can affect growth later in life, and between sixty to seventy percent of these fractures happen to the lower extremities with smaller children at trampoline parks, while the majority of injuries to older kids at these venues are in the upper extremities, head, and neck when they attempt to do flips and other tricks while on the trampoline.

All trampoline parks require that children and their parents sign a waiver and watch a safety video prior to playing at a trampoline park, which states that trampolines can be dangerous, causing serious injuries, including broken bones and even death. However, this waiver does not automatically absolve trampoline parks from all injuries and accidents that happen at their facilities. An experienced personal injury attorney can review the facts of your case and determine whether you have a valid claim against a trampoline park in Chicago for your or your child’s injuries.

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Trampoline parks continue to grow in popularity for children, but the park owners and operators are not fulfilling their duty to keep children safe while playing at their venues. If you or your child was injured at a trampoline park in the Chicago area, you may have a valid claim for compensation. Call or contact Harvey L. Walner & Associates in Chicago today to schedule an appointment to review your case with one of our personal injury attorneys.


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