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Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawyers

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August 26, 2020

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Unfortunately, as personal injury attorneys, we see a lot of misconceptions about our profession. There are a lot of things that people see and hear, and when they believe these misconceptions, they can make a mistake of going through a claim or lawsuit on their own.

It’s important to know, though, that there are many myths about personal injury lawyers that simply aren’t true. Some of the terms used to describe those in our profession are from old practices that don’t exist today. In the end, many personal injury lawyers truly do care, and we’re here to help clear the air.

“Personal Injury Lawyers are Ambulance Chasers”

Nobody is chasing ambulances. Despite our profession, we’re not hoping that anyone ever gets hurt. After all, many injuries cause lifelong problems, and we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. However, we do know and recognize that negligence can and does happen. Injuries can and do happen.

By taking on the role of personal injury lawyers, we make it clear that we’re here for people when these events do occur. We don’t chase ambulances; we strictly chase justice and compensation our clients need to move forward during such a challenging time in their lives.

“Personal Injury Lawyers Only Care About Money”

Again, it’s simply not true. Do we make money from our services? Absolutely. So does every other business. However, there’s a reason we offer our representation on a contingency fee basis. We take on cases we genuinely believe in, and as such, we only get paid when you win.

If personal injury lawyers solely cared about money, they’d charge no matter what the outcome and have no problem doing so. We work diligently not for our own profit, but because we want our clients to be set for life after their injuries, never having to worry about the financial stress that comes from these situations.

At Walner Law®, we know there are going to be some people who we will never change their mind. They’ll have misconceptions about personal injury lawyers for life. However, our Chicago personal injury attorneys believe that without good trial lawyers, there would be no justice. And it’s this belief that will continue to drive us for those who believe in what we do and need us the most.

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