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Why Choose Walner Law®?

After an injury, you have plenty of decisions to make. Getting medical treatment, how to deal with lost wages, and more sit atop your priority list. But one very important decision looms: who should you hire to represent you in personal injury matters?

We get it, there are many choices out there. We know that we’re not going to be everyone’s choice, and we accept that. However, we firmly believe we are the right choice to help position your case favorably and pursue the maximum compensation you need. Here’s why:


We have decades of experience representing clients in all areas of personal injury law. We know what tactics the defense will use. We know the courts and judges in the area. We know insurance adjusters. And we know just how to advocate on your behalf and safeguard your rights using resources we’ve gathered over many years on the job.


There are plenty of resources you need to help support your claim, and that’s something we have access to whenever we handle your case. We have our core team at our firm, but we also have a network of medical and legal professionals on standby ready to help you no matter your situation.


Among our resources, we have specific services tailored to meet your needs as our client. We work exclusively with Moving2Transportation, which is a service that helps you following a disabling injury. They’ll take you to hospital and doctor visits, grocery shopping, and anywhere else you may need to go but can’t do so on your own.


The attorney-client relationship is a very important one and relies on communication. When you need us, we’re available. We encourage our clients to reach out whenever they need. For you, we never go on vacation. No matter where we are or when you need us, we’re genuinely here for you.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Walner Law® know that you can hire any legal counsel in the area. If you choose us, know that you’re getting committed fighters in your corner who are never afraid to take on large insurance companies when you need it the most.

Call our firm at (312) 313-2888 for your free consultation today.


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