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Truck Accidents Don’t Always Involve Negligent Truck Drivers

In a truck accident where you suffer severe harm, it’s vital to recognize who you may hold accountable. Of course, in many situations, the blame lies on the truck driver. However, some situations can create liability for other parties within the trucking industry as well.

Because our Chicago truck accident lawyers want you to recognize your rights, we aim to provide you with information that helps you understand who else may be liable. If the truck driver doesn’t cause the accident, who does?

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies may be liable for a crash when they don’t abide by regulations to inspect and maintain their own trucks. If something is wrong with the truck, the company must fix it to prevent harm. They can also hold responsibility for a crash if they encourage or threaten drivers to operate their trucks for periods lasting longer than they are allowed.

Other Employees

Other employees who work for the trucking company may be responsible for loading cargo into a trailer. They must ensure they keep the weight under the limit and evenly load the truck to avoid potential dangers. If they load the truck incorrectly, they put the truck driver and others on the road at severe risk of harm.


Companies that make parts for large commercial trucks must ensure their products are safe for use. However, when defective products fail on commercial trucks, they can cause devastating crashes. If the manufacturer fails to warn of a danger or a design or manufacturing defect is present, it’s this third-party company that may have to pay compensation after a crash.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Walner Law® work to obtain maximum compensation if you suffer an injury due to negligence. We know large corporations look to protect profits. As such, we combat common tactics that insurance adjusters and others in the industry may use to try and deny your claim.

To protect your rights, call our firm at (312) 313-2888 today.


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