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large truck in traffic

Take These Steps to Pass a Truck Safely

Sharing the road and respecting one another is a good way for all drivers to stay safe. However, suppose you approach a large commercial truck with its hazard lights on. In that case, it’s usually an indication that they intend on driving slower than the posted speed limit for safety purposes.

In these situations, you may want to pass the truck. However, you should know how to stay safe when passing the truck. Here are some tips that you can follow so you can pass commercial trucks safely.

Pass On the Left

Because you intend to drive faster than the truck to pass it, be sure you’re passing on the left-hand side. Passing on the left also keeps you out of the truck’s no zones for much longer, increasing your visibility and allowing the truck driver to see where you are.

Before you pass, though, make sure you check your own blind spots. You should only merge when it’s safe to do so. Merging in front of another vehicle not only causes them to react, but you may swerve back into the lane with the truck and cause a significant crash.

Maintain a Safe and Steady Speed

You never want to give the truck driver a reason to hesitate. If you speed up too quickly or slow down erratically, it may cause the truck driver to react, leading to a severe accident. As you pass the truck, make sure you maintain a safe and steady speed.

Your speed should also help when merging back into the same lane of the truck. It means you’re giving the truck driver enough space (consider the truck’s front side no zone). Once you merge in front of the truck, don’t slow down. Maintain that speed to prevent a backup and a severe problem.

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