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Signs of Preeclampsia and the Importance of Monitoring

Preeclampsia is a medical condition that expectant mothers may experience during their pregnancy. Without proper treatment, preeclampsia can have life-threatening implications on a mother and baby. Doctors must take the necessary steps to monitor mothers and babies throughout the pregnancy to recognize the most common signs associated with preeclampsia.

Signs of Preeclampsia

Typically, the most common sign of preeclampsia during pregnancy is high blood pressure. However, there are additional signs that go hand-in-hand to diagnose preeclampsia. High blood pressure is just the start, but you might also experience:

  • Swelling in your hands or face
  • Random weight gain
  • Too much protein in your urine

In most cases, preeclampsia occurs after the mother reaches her 20th week. Preeclampsia can also occur after delivery. Other symptoms include headaches, nausea, stomach pain, and vision problems.

Importance of Monitoring

Diagnosing preeclampsia often occurs at prenatal checkups. Your doctor must check your blood pressure during the checkup. If there is a cause for concern, the doctor can request additional tests to check the protein levels in your urine. Without proper monitoring, your body might start to experience the effects of preeclampsia, which can include:

  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Stroke
  • Bleeding issues
  • Heart failure

The effects can cause severe or fatal harm to the mother and baby.

If your doctor does not provide you with proper monitoring and preeclampsia causes you or your baby harm, you deserve to safeguard your rights. Working with the right legal team can help you hold negligence accountable and seek the most favorable outcome possible.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers work on your behalf to help you when you need it most. When you rely on our team at Walner Law®, you get dedicated legal counsel that focuses on helping you every step of the way. Let our team be your voice when you need it most.

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