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The 4 Types of Paralysis

When someone suffers from paralysis, it significantly reduces their quality of life. Any type of paralysis means function loss in a specific part of a person’s body, depending on the injury they suffer. There are four types of paralysis that you should know about so that you can seek medical care and legal action to pursue compensation after negligence.


Monoplegia means you lose function in one limb or a specific region. For instance, someone with monoplegia may lose the complete function of one arm but still have full use of their other arm and both legs. One potential cause of monoplegia is cerebral palsy.


When someone suffers from hemiplegia, they lose function in one side of the body. Typically, a brain or spinal cord injury can cause hemiplegia. As a result, people may be unable to use their arm or leg on just the left or right side of their body.


Paraplegia is when you lose function in the lower half of your body. You may be unable to use your lower extremities, requiring the use of a wheelchair or other specialized equipment to remain mobile. In many situations, paraplegia results from an injury to the thoracic spinal cord.


The worst type of paralysis, quadriplegia results in the inability to use any of your four limbs. It’s the most severe type of paralysis and occurs when there’s an injury to the cervical spine portion in the neck and upper back.

Keep in mind: all paralysis can be complete or incomplete, with each impacting your functionality.

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