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Are Severe Fractures Considered Catastrophic?

When someone breaks a bone, it can be difficult to endure. There’s often severe pain and ongoing care that is required to get through the injury and heal correctly. In personal injury law, the most severe broken bones are considered catastrophic injuries because of how they impact someone. Below, we’ll detail the four types of severe fractures and how they affect your life.

Simple / Closed Fractures

A simple fracture means the bone has broken and stayed inside your skin. There’s no bone protruding through your skin. However, you would experience severe pain, bruising in the area where the break occurred, and possibly swelling.

Compound / Open Fractures

A compound or open fracture occurs when you suffer a broken bone, and it breaks through the skin at the injury location. These types of fractures result in excessive bleeding and risk of infection. It’s vital to work quickly if you experience an open fracture to deal with the wound as well.

Incomplete / Partial Fracture

An incomplete fracture can be extremely painful, but it is often the best-case scenario for whatever break occurs. It means the bone has bent, and there may be a slight break, but the bone did not sever completely to create two or more pieces. Some incomplete fractures may require a splint, while others may need a cast.

Complete / Full Fracture

A complete fracture means the bone has broken into multiple pieces. A doctor may classify it as longitudinal, transverse, or comminuted, depending on the position of the break. Treatment can be extensive depending on how severe the injury is.

In some situations, the bone may not heal properly. When this occurs, it can result in ongoing pain and require further medical care. It’s vital to speak with a lawyer if someone’s actions have caused you to suffer a severe fracture.

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