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woman talking to a child with cerebral palsy

Recognizing Signs of Cerebral Palsy

One potential birth injury your baby may sustain is cerebral palsy. This is actually a collection of disorders that can significantly impact your child’s motor function and muscular tone. If your baby suffers cerebral palsy because of negligence, you deserve to hold someone accountable. However, it helps to recognize the various signs of cerebral palsy and when they may appear.

Movement and Coordination Issues

Your baby may start to exhibit signs as they get older into their infancy. They may experience stiff muscles or weakened muscle tone, making walking much more challenging. Your baby may have problems with fine motor skills as they start to favor one side of their body over the other.

Troubles with Speech and Eating

Your baby may have a hard time eating and speaking because of cerebral palsy. The impact on the baby’s brain may cause a delay in your child’s speaking abilities and comprehension. If you notice that your baby is drooling excessively or has trouble swallowing, it may be an indicator of cerebral palsy.

Developmental Delays

As your baby gets older, they should reach specific milestones regarding their development. Physically and emotionally, your baby should start to progress further as they get older. Unfortunately, a baby with cerebral palsy may not meet the physical milestones. They might also have trouble with learning, focusing, and more.

If your baby has cerebral palsy, they might also experience seizures, hearing problems, mental health disorders, and other long-term issues.

Speak with a doctor to learn if your baby has cerebral palsy.

If your baby suffers from cerebral palsy, you might have a case. Before doing anything, speak with your attorney about your options. Our team at Walner Law® will work to help you every step of the way. You can trust our Chicago birth injury lawyers to go above and beyond to put your needs first when it matters most.

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