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What Should You Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident in a Grocery Store?

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December 27, 2023


Slips and falls typically occur as a result of negligence and happen in public places such as grocery store aisles, parking lots, workplaces, or retail settings. At Walner Law, we have the experience to handle these fall claims. You can trust our slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago to prove negligence on your behalf. Learn more about the most commonly asked questions regarding fall cases below.

What is a slip-and-fall accident?

A slip-and-fall injury is a type of case under premises liability. It involves an accidental injury due to potential hazards when a person loses their balance or falls. Understanding the causes and consequences of these accidents is vital in preventing their occurrence or filing for a slip or fall settlement.

What can cause a fall accident?

Negligence is the main cause of a grocery store slip or fall case. Some of these slip accidents and injuries occur due to wet floors or unsafe conditions that cause serious injury, such as spills, cracks, or uneven flooring in the grocery store. In this case, it may be necessary for a shopper to file a fall claim to hold the responsible party accountable. It’s the responsibility of the property manager or owner to prevent hazardous conditions or add signage to prevent a typical slip.

How often do fall accidents happen in a grocery store?

Busy grocery store where an accident may occur and require a slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago

The average slip at a workplace or public setting is the most common reason patients visit the emergency room. That’s why it’s crucial to understand and record the events leading up to the fall accident to build a case against the property owner. Premises liability involves any dangerous condition that may cause a property to be unsafe. It’s a property owner or manager’s responsibility to keep premises safe, especially when they’re open to the public. It’s a known fact that slip or fall accidents are the most common type of premises liability cases. This type of accident can result in a minor injury, severe injury, or even accidental death or disability. These accidents kill more workers each year than other types of workplace accidents. That’s why it’s crucial to consult with a slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago.

Do you need to seek medical attention after a fall accident?

Absolutely. If you’ve experienced a slip-and-fall accident in Chicago, you should seek medical attention in the aftermath of a slip. Whether it occurred on a sidewalk or in the parking lot of the store, you should prioritize your health and safety as the injured party. Keep a copy of the incident report and take note of the date, time, and individuals or shoppers who were informed about the accident. This will assist you with establishing valuable evidence of the personal injury when you file your fall case.

Should you report the fall to the property owner?

Yes. After you experience a slip-and-fall in grocery store locations as a shopper, you should report the fall to the business owner or store manager. By doing so, you create documentation and a formal account of the accident. Reporting the incident to the business owner will ensure they’re aware of potential hazards as well as take the necessary steps to rectify the hazardous conditions and prevent future accidents. Even if you only sustain minor injuries, this documentation will also come in handy when you decide to reach out to a personal injury law office to file a fall lawsuit.

How much is the average slip-and-fall settlement in Illinois?

You may be wondering how much you can expect to receive for grocery store slip-and-fall settlements. It’s worth noting that every fall case is unique and there is no fixed settlement amount. Understanding the factors that lead to financial compensation can give you a rough understanding of a fair settlement offer. Having the right slip-and-fall lawyer by your side will also help you gauge whether you’re receiving maximum compensation. The best premises liability attorney and slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago has to offer will ensure you have a fair settlement for your type of injury.

How long do you have to sue for a slip-and-fall grocery store settlement?

A slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago with a brown leather watch adjusting their black tie

Every state will have a different statute of limitations when it comes to a slip in supermarket claims. In Chicago, IL, the statute of limitations for filing this type of fall lawsuit is two years from the date the accident occurred. It’s essential to highlight that the dangerous conditions may cause others to experience accidents. Filing a personal injury claim is within your legal rights as the injured party and can help prevent victims of slips and falls.

How long does it take to settle a slip-and-fall case?

The amount of time that it takes to settle these types of cases will depend on several unique circumstances. One of the main factors that can affect the length of a slip-and-fall case is the nature and extent of your injuries. Serious injuries often require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, which can prolong the legal process as it is essential to have a clear understanding of the long-term effects of your injuries before negotiating a settlement. Another factor that could affect the timeline is the complexity of the liability investigation. Negotiating for a fair settlement as opposed to a quick settlement may also affect the timeline of the legal process.

What are the key steps to follow after a grocery store slip-and-fall accident?

Here are the essential steps for victims of slip-and-fall accidents:

  1. Seek medical attention.
  2. Report the accident to the business owner.
  3. Take photographs and identify any witnesses.
  4. Contact a slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago.
  5. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

Following the steps above is the best way to handle your serious injury as a result of a fall and take legal action.

Where can you find an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer in Chicago?

The best solution after a slip-and-fall accident grocery store in Chicago is to find an experienced lawyer who is familiar with fall insurance claims and premises liability accidents. Here at Walner Law, we can assist you with fighting for your legal rights and obtaining the monetary compensation that you deserve. More importantly, we have years. of experience handling these claims. We work on a contingency basis and do not charge you fees unless we collect money in your case. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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