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As a patient, you believe that when your doctor writes your prescription, it has been carefully selected for your particular ailment. We assume that doctors take into account our medical history and potential complications with other medications we are taking. But this is not always true. As a result, 1.5 million patients suffer each year as a result of medication errors.

At Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd., we know that the medication errors are dangerous mistakes. Our experienced Chicago medication error lawyers are here with you every step of the way from initiating your claim to collecting your settlement. But we aren’t just here for your successful claim, we are here for you.

While the medical field is full of exceptional doctors and nurses, by prescribing the wrong medication, one negligent doctor, nursing staff or pharmacist can alter your view of the entire medical profession.

Reasons for Medication Errors

A medication error can be can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common medication error occurs when a patient is issued a higher dosage than they should have. Other reasons for pharmaceutical mistakes include:

Sloppy writing: If your prescription is written so sloppily that it is confused with another medication, or if the name is similar to the name of another drug but is not 100 percent readable, this can lead to a medication error.

Diagnostic errors: A late diagnosis or misdiagnosis will result in failure to use an indicated diagnostic test and misinterpretation of test results, which can lead to the wrong medication being prescribed.

Misinterpretation of other medical orders: Failing to follow specific patient orders, such as giving you a medication that you are allergic to can cause a severe personal injury.

Blood transfusion errors: If you are given a blood transfusion of the incorrect blood type, this can have fatal consequences.

Equipment failure: Faulty intravenous pumps and defective drip bag clamps can increase the dosage of a certain medication and lead to serious injury.

Medication errors often have severe consequences, and can result in catastrophic injury and death. You could end up with a career-ending illness that should have been prevented.

Contact Our Experienced Chicago Medication Error Lawyers

Your first call to The Walner Law Group will not cost you a dime, since we offer free consultations. You can tell us all the details of your case and our qualified lawyers will tell you how we can help. If you have suffered an injury because of a medication error or medical malpractice, please contact medication mistake attorneys at our Chicago office. Our law firm will never charge unless we win your case, so please call today.

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