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How Can I Reduce Group Home Abuse And Neglect?

One of the first questions that families have when they suspect that group home abuse and neglect may be occurring is how to prevent it from happening any further. Group home abuse happens for a variety of reasons, ranging from lack of scrutiny in hiring staff to faulty equipment. Many nursing homes do not have the means to enforce safety measures, or they hire staff that abuse and exploit patients. All of these situations are very serious, and a Chicago group home abuse lawyer should be consulted before further action is taken.

Group homes are meant to be an alternative for adults to nursing homes in a smaller, more intimate setting. Many group home patients have a variety of needs, which places unique requirements for staff. Unfortunately, these homes are not under the same level of scrutiny as nursing homes, so abuse may go on for a longer time without intervention. In addition, since there are fewer residents, abuse may linger without consequence for some time.

The best thing that you can do to prevent group home abuse is to watch for any warning signs. These warning signs often show themselves in changes in personality and behavior. Some of these signs can also be physical, such as bruising. Other warning signs to look out for are as following:

  • Emotional changes, such as depression
  • Financial exploitation, such as unusual activity on their personal assets
  • Sexual abuse
  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Unexplained injuries

The victims of group home abuse often feel powerless and have a difficult time speaking up. It is your duty as their family and friends to take any warning signs seriously. The abusers should be held accountable for their behavior and your loved ones deserve to be safe and comfortable. If you notice any signs of abuse, get in touch with an attorney right away.

Call Our Lawyers for Help

One of the most proactive ways to reduce nursing home problems is to get in touch with our Illinois abuse attorneys at Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd. We are committed to ensuring safety. Please contact us online or at (312) 313-2888.


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