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Oct 05

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents happen and injuries occur. In some circumstances, these injuries are caused by negligence. If you’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of negligence, ...

Sep 11

3 Types of Non-Economic Damages of an Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuit

St. Clair County jurors recently awarded George Buchanan $7.15 million on May 9, 2019. Mr. Buchanan was significantly injured and disfigured after a head-on collision ...

Jul 31

Signs You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics that show there are 42 million visits to emergency rooms each year. With that data, it’s ...

Nov 25

Plan Ahead: Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the deadliest times to be on the road. More people are out driving to visit family and friends than at ...

Apr 21

Who Survives Heart Attacks?

Over one million Americans experience a heart attack each year. Tens of thousands of Americans live to tell their experience. What determines whether someone has ...

Feb 23

How Can I Reduce Group Home Abuse And Neglect?

One of the first questions that families have when they suspect that group home abuse and neglect may be occurring is how to prevent it ...