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Why is Nursing Home Neglect a Common Cause of Dehydration?

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is a cause of dehydration.

In order for everything in the body to function properly, there needs to be enough hydration. Without enough water, people don’t just feel dehydrated – their system can shut down. As people age, it becomes even more vital that there is an appropriate amount of hydration, especially for weaker organs. Unfortunately, in some nursing homes, patients simply don’t get enough water. If you notice a loved one suffering from dehydration, it is vital that you contact a Chicago nursing home abuse attorney before it is too late.

One of the best ways to combat dehydration in nursing homes is to hire adequate staff. Many nursing homes attempt to cut costs by hiring less staff, or they hire unqualified staff that is not as knowledgeable of immediate health issues. When this occurs, workers are unable to monitor the eating and drinking habits of the elderly, which leads to issues. They often become very serious before they are noticed. In order for nursing homes to appropriately take care of their patients, they need to:

  • Provide adequate nutrition and water
  • Measure food and water consumption
  • Regular mealtimes
  • Supervision of mealtimes and dietary needs
  • Monitoring medication, which may have an impact on hydration
  • Report any concerns to a doctor

There are just times that nursing home staff fail to perform their duties. This is considered neglect in the state of Illinois. Some workers simply lack the means to give attention to all patients because of their high workload, while some other nursing homes hire people that have not received the necessary levels of training and education to take care of your family. If your loved one suddenly has a hard time remembering things, skin changes color, dry skin, complains of feeling weak or lightheaded, or any other signs of dehydration, be vigilant.

Call us and End Nursing Home Abuse

You can take your loved ones out of pain and suffering. The Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers at Walner Law are committed to ensuring that nursing home residents receive the treatment that they deserve. If you suspect there is abuse or neglect, please contact us online or at (312) 313-2888. 


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