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Posts in Nursing Home Neglect

Oct 13

Nursing Homes: How To Ensure Good Patient Care

Once you’ve done the research on a nursing home facility, made a commitment, and settled your loved one into the environment…your job isn’t over. You ...

Apr 23

Are Skilled Nursing Facilities Failing Elderly Patients?

Over a one-month period of time in 2011, there were 1,538 elderly patient deaths within skilled nursing home facilities. This is but one heart-wrenching statistic ...

Mar 23

What Determines Quality of Care in Nursing Homes?

The American Medical Association describes quality of care as “care that consistently contributes to the improvement or maintenance of quality and/or duration of life.” Let ...

Mar 23

How Do Nursing Homes Protect Elderly Residents From Dangerous Falls

For the elderly, gone are the days where they can respond to a serious spill by dusting their knees and walking it off. Falls pose ...

Feb 23

Who Is Responsible For Pressure Sore Injuries In Nursing Homes?

A safety and health tactic that is commonly used in nursing homes to prevent pain and injuries is regular posture turning and monitoring of wounds. ...

Feb 23

Why are Dropped Patients Such a Big Nursing Home Injury Incidence?

It is a sad fact that dropped patients are a common cause of nursing home injuries. In nursing homes, there are frequent needs that require ...

Feb 23

What Can I Do if I Suspect Someone in a Nursing Home is Suffering From Malnutrition?

It is sad to say that many nursing home residents do suffer from malnutrition, but you can make a difference. For a variety of reasons, ...

Feb 23

How Can Choking Episodes Be Prevented At Nursing Homes?

An unfortunate part of aging is the difficulty that eating can become for patients. Mealtimes are an important time for socialization and nourishment, but without ...

Feb 23

Why is Nursing Home Neglect a Common Cause of Dehydration?

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is a cause of dehydration. In order for everything in the body to function properly, there needs to be enough hydration. ...

Feb 05

How Can Illinois Nursing Homes Prevent Pressure Sore Injuries?

When people are immobile for an extended period of time, there is increased pressure and tension on the skin that is in contact with the ...