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Do I Need A Lawyer For My Illinois Workers Comp Claim?

You are not required to have the help of a lawyer when filing for Workers’ Compensation, but you may need a lawyer’s help to collect the benefits you are entitled to. Each case is unique. The more serious your injuries, the more likely it is that you will need an attorney. Other factors, such as preexisting conditions can complicate your case. Some employer or their insurance companies try to deny legitimate claims, or cut benefits short.

When You Should Talk to a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Anytime that you feel that you do not fully understand the Workers’ Compensation claims process, or are uncertain if you are being treated fairly, it is worth talking to a Workers’ Comp attorney. If any of the following apply to you, you should talk to an attorney right away:

  • A doctor declares you fit to return to work when you feel that you are not medically able to go back to work
  • You have been denied medical benefits
  • You are not expected to make a full physical recovery, but may be able to work again in some capacity
  • You have received an adverse decision and want to dispute it
  • You are not certain if you are receiving as much as you can or should receive for your injuries

Many injured workers start the Workers’ Compensation process on their own, but later decide they need an attorney. If your injuries are serious or you believe you may be permanently disabled, even if the disability is partial, you should talk to an attorney sooner rather than later.

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