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Posts in Workers Compensation

Dec 17

Chicago Mcdonald’s Workers File Lawsuit Over Workplace Violence

When people think of workers’ compensation cases, they may imagine incidents such as falls or injuries caused by heavy equipment and other machinery. While these ...

Sep 12

When Emotional Stress Becomes an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injuries or illnesses sustained while on the job are covered by workers’ compensation. To be sure, both physical and emotional trauma are eligible for benefits. ...

Jun 12

Illinois Law Ambiguous For Workers’ Compensation Question

The 7th Circuit U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals certified a question to the Illinois Supreme Court last month to determine whether a workers’ compensation settlement is ...

May 21

The Basics Of Illinois Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides medical and wage benefits to employees injured on the job in the scope of their employment in exchange for ...

Apr 30

No Additional Benefits Allowed For Illinois Worker

Last month, an appellate court denied additional workers’ compensation benefits to an injured beverage distributor because he did not seek job rehabilitation services in light ...

Mar 25

Illinois Bill Introduced To Amend Workers’ Compensation For Firefighters

A new bill introduced to the Illinois Senate earlier this month would amend the current Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act to begin compensation almost immediately for firefighters, emergency ...

Jan 08

Workers Compensation Lawyer Chicago

When a worker suffers a serious injury on the job, they deserve compensation for the costs of that injury. The most immediate costs typically include ...

May 25

Do You Have A Case For Worker’s Compensation?

If you have been injured or contracted an illness due to your job, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. As soon as the incident ...

Apr 06

Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury Lawsuit? Which to Pursue and Their Benefits

People get injured at work every day and while hopefully it never happens to you, it’s good to know the steps to take afterwards should ...

Dec 23

Workers Compensation: 3 Things To Know

Whether you slice off your finger working on-site, fall off your chair at your desk and crack your skull, or develop an illness because of ...