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Workers Compensation: 3 Things To Know

Whether you slice off your finger working on-site, fall off your chair at your desk and crack your skull, or develop an illness because of your job, workers’ compensation is supposed to cover your medical costs and pay you for any days of work you miss. To be able to receive workers’ compensation, you must be an employee and be accidentally injured or get sick from doing your job. There are three important things to know about workers’ compensation that you should be fully informed of:

Report Every Injury or Illness

If your injury or disease was caused, aggravated or made worse by your employment, you may have a compensable injury. Even if you have a previous physical condition it does not matter. If your work made it worse, your condition may be covered by workers’ compensation. Always report any work injury or illness your doctor says is due to your job. Report the injury or illness to the HR department, your supervisor or the risk-management department when it occurs.

Visit the Right Medical Provider

If your injury is an emergency, you’ll go where the ambulance takes you. However, in a non-emergency, your employer may direct you to a particular hospital, clinic or doctor. It is very important that you go where your employer tells you to go or your bills may not be covered by workers’ compensation.

Make Sure Your Medical Records Include Everything About Your Injury

Your medical records should mention the history and circumstances of your injury or illness and list every body part involved — workers’ compensation won’t pay to treat body parts that aren’t listed. So be sure to mention everything, even something minor such as a cut or soreness. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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