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How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

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December 28, 2020

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Whenever you suffer a significant injury in a car accident, it’s easy to wonder just how much you can recover for your injuries. Recognizing your claim’s value allows you to get a good idea of your rights and what to look for when filing your claim.

Insurance adjusters and your legal team consider numerous factors when determining how much to pay out or pursue. Below, we’ll explain what may come into play when determining how much you may recover after a crash.

Your Medical Expenses

Medical expenses can include the procedures you need, your prescription medication, specialized medical equipment, ongoing care, and more. These damages fall under economic compensation because you have evidence to show exactly how you’ve lost with these expenses.

Your Property Damage

If your vehicle sustains significant damages, you may also pursue compensation for the costs of repairing your vehicle. If your vehicle is totaled, you may look to your policy limits to determine how much you may recover to replace the vehicle. Working with a lawyer helps you seek the maximum amount for property damage.

Your Lost Income

In many situations, you may be unable to work following a car accident. You may have severe injuries that keep you out of work for a long period. Your car accident claim can help you recover the total amount of income you were unable to earn while out of work with your injury.

Your Quality of Life

Non-economic damages can impact your compensation, including how your injuries have negatively impacted your quality of life. Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and mental trauma can all factor into how much you may recover after a crash.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers at Walner Law® aim to maximize the compensation you may recover. Trust that we’ll look at all of your damages and build a case that focuses on your losses, your future, and more. We’ll be in your corner every step of the way.

Call us today at (312) 313-2888 to discuss your potential case.

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