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Do Insurance Adjusters Value Losses Correctly?

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April 13, 2021

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When you need compensation, you unfortunately have to go through insurance adjusters who are trained professionals. They look out for insurance companies and their profits. As such, when you need to evaluate your claim and how much compensation you should receive, your numbers may greatly differ from the insurance companies.

Insurance Adjusters Lower Values

Some of the losses you may experience include damage to your vehicle and medical expenses. While there are insurance adjusters who will work with you, others may lower your values. They will use their own resources to try and lower how much they may have to pay you.

It’s possible to combat the tactics these insurance adjusters use with the help of a lawyer who knows the laws concerning your case. While you may have receipts showing how much you’ve spent on your losses, insurance adjusters may try to challenge those amounts claiming that it should not have cost you as much.

Get a Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

You never want to just accept the value that insurance companies give you. Doing your own research is imperative to determine just how much you should be able to recover. Hiring a lawyer can confirm the value of your claim and maximize the amount you recover.

Even more, an attorney can help you combat some of the other tactics that insurance companies use to lower how much they have to pay you. If you experience an issue throughout the process, you should have skilled legal counsel to help show the true value of your claim to pursue compensation you deserve.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Walner Law® work hard for you during your time of need. We know how challenging it can be to experience financial hardships when trying to recover from your physical injuries. We’ll be there to guide you through the legal matters while you focus on your recovery.

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