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How Do Latent Injuries Impact a Claim?

Traumatic events that cause a person to suffer injuries may not always be what they seem. In many situations, the impacts of the injury are not immediately apparent. In fact, some injuries can take days to manifest for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, when latency issues arise, it can significantly impact a claim. Understanding what latent injuries are and your rights can help safeguard you through the process of filing a claim and pursuing compensation.

What Are Latency Issues?

Latency issues occur when someone suffers an injury but they don’t feel the pain immediately. It can result because of adrenaline or shock from the traumatic event. When this happens, those who suffer injuries may think that’s nothing wrong. Instead of taking action to protect their rights and get treatment, they do nothing.

Injury victims don’t seek medical care. They may not seek legal representation, and they may tell insurance adjusters that they didn’t suffer any injuries. Unfortunately, this opens the door for insurance adjusters to take advantage of a vulnerable situation.

Do Insurance Companies Use Latency Issues Against Claimants?

Insurance companies look to any situation that would allow them to minimize or deny a claim. When you experience latency issues and don’t seek medical care, insurance adjusters may consider this a sign that you did not suffer injuries and don’t need the compensation.

It’s advisable to seek medical care after an accident and speak with a lawyer before dealing with insurance companies. A medical exam can help you determine if you suffered an injury and start the treatment you deserve.

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