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Navigating Liability In a Multi-Vehicle Crash

We’ve discussed how determining liability is crucial when pursuing compensation. However, how can you determine fault and hold someone accountable when multiple vehicles are involved in a crash? It can seem like a challenge, but having the right legal team to explain your options goes a long way toward safeguarding your rights.

As with any car accident in Illinois, the at-fault party is responsible for any compensation necessary after a crash. It’s vital to know that more than one person can be responsible for the damages in a multi-vehicle accident. Working with a lawyer can help!

How to Determine Fault

In a multi-vehicle crash, you must obtain as much information and evidence as possible. A crash involving two vehicles is easier to navigate and prove liability, but one involving more than two cars should go to a lawyer to best determine how to move forward.

Here’s a scenario to consider:

  • You approach traffic, slow down accordingly, and stop, giving the vehicle in front of you plenty of space.
  • The vehicle behind you was not expecting you to stop, so they slam on their brakes, narrowly missing your rear bumper.
  • The vehicle behind that vehicle slams into their rear bumper, pushing that vehicle into you.

In the above scenario, the driver in the far back clearly holds a significant amount of fault for the crash. However, the driver in the middle may also hold fault. For instance, if the driver in the middle approached too closely because they were distracted, they may have given the driver in the back no indication that they were going to stop. In this case, multiple people are responsible.

As with any situation, it helps to work with a lawyer to gather as much information as possible to hold the proper parties accountable. Our Chicago car accident lawyers at Walner Law® care about you and your rights. We aim to provide you with the legal counsel necessary to pursue maximum compensation when it matters most to you.

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CALL OUR FIRM AT (312) 313-2888 TODAY!


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