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Chicago Rollover Accident Lawyer

The rate of serious or fatal injury in car accidents in which rollover occurs is over 35 percent higher than the rate of such injuries in accidents where there is no rollover. Sadly, the risk for fatal injury in many rollover accidents has less to do with the rollover itself and more to do with vehicle defects such as insufficient support structure or faulty safety equipment.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a rollover accident, please contact Chicago rollover accident lawyers at Harvey L. Walner & Associates or call 312-800-0000today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Chicago rollover accident lawyer.

Preventing Rollovers

Rollover car accidents are more common in top heavy sports utility vehicles (SUVs). To combat the prevalence of rollover accidents, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is now standard in most SUVs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, SUVs with ESC are involved in 67 percent fewer accidents. However, ESC was not standard until the mid-2000s and many vehicles manufactured without this technology are still on the road.

Rollover accidents are unique in that they are often single vehicle occurrences. This may be because a vehicle comes into contact with debris or other roadway dangers, but it can make establishing liability incredibly difficult. To establish liability in these cases, you need a car accident attorney on your side.

The aggressive Chicago car accident attorneys at our firm know how to investigate these accidents to determine their cause, and how to build strong cases on behalf of our clients to help them get the full compensation they are due.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident, please contact Harvey L. Walner & Associates today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our dedicated Chicago car accident lawyers.

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